Flat Roof Repair neededIn order to ensure both the life and integrity of your commercial property’s single ply flat roof you’ll want a thorough inspection performed that will help to determine its current condition. Deciding whether to replace or repair the roof depends on several important factors that should be carefully considered before making your decision. By putting in the extra effort to enhance the aesthetics of your commercial property you can be sure that your company’s image and reputation remains intact.

Proper Roof Drainage

If stagnant water is found pooling in specific areas the problem can often be corrected with a flat roof repair. Pooling water commonly occurs when a flat roof has an inadequate roof slope or due to improper drainage. Adding tapered insulation to your flat roof can correct unwanted sloping and allow water to shed more efficiently. Draining problems can also be fixed by installing larger gutters and downspouts that will help to compensate when excessive rainfall occurs.

Wind Uplift

When high winds occur a flat top roof can incur damages due to its intense force. When examining your roof, look for signs of wind damage as the roofing material is often pulled up due to extreme force. Oftentimes a flat top roof can be reinforced with the use of stronger fasteners or a locking cleat to improve the roof’s uplift resistance.

The Age Of Your Flat Roof

When inspecting your roof you should first determine its age, as a flat roof’s average lifespan is often between 10 and 12 years. For flat roofs that are older than this, it may be a good idea to consider replacement since the cost of frequent repairs may prove to be excessive.

By taking these factors into consideration, you’ll be able to determine if a flat roof repair is suitable for your commercial property. A well kept property not only improves its integrity, it also enhances your company’s reputation. Customers will surely take notice as a worn down building can reflect poorly on your company’s image. Speaking with a Perfection Roofing professional can answer any questions you may have, you can be sure that you’re making the right decision when it comes to your business’s flat roof.

Contact Perfection Roofing when its time for your commercial property’s next flat roof repair.

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