extend the life of your commercial roof

Commercial roofing is an expensive – albeit necessary – investment in your business. The seasonal changes throughout the Tulsa region can cause weathering and deterioration of your roofing system.  Here are a few tips to help you properly maintain your commercial flat roof so that it lives a long, healthy life.

1) Regular Roof Inspections

Scheduling a regular roof inspection by a professional contractor – or highly trained maintenance workers – will give you ample warning of any impending problems.  Most contractors note the rarity of finding nothing out of place when they inspect a roof system. From seam deterioration to damaged flashing, any damaged regions that can be discovered before they escalate make a regular roof inspection worthwhile.

A roof inspection should cover the major areas of the rooftop, from edges to center.  Always walk along designated pathways to prevent foot traffic damage, and make a point of inspecting after severe weather has swept through the region.

2) Prompt Repairs

Each commercial roof repair task that is completed promptly will save you money further down the road.  More dangerous problems, such as roof ponding, can become a safety hazard overnight, leading to clogged drains, water damage. In extreme circumstances, it can even lead to a roof collapse.

If your maintenance team cannot complete needed repairs promptly, be sure to contact a local contractor from Perfection Roofing who can help.

3) Ongoing Maintenance

Ongoing maintenance projects vary by flat roof type and the season.  Some commercial roof systems benefit greatly from waterproofing techniques or regular roof cleaning.  The drainage system, whether interior or exterior, typically requires regular cleaning to prevent clogging and water ponding on your roof top.

Local, Professional Help

The professional roofing contractors at Perfection Roofing have been helping business owners throughout the Tulsa region to keep their roofing systems safely maintained.  Contact us to learn more about our roof repair and replacement services to ensure that your building will remain secure and safe from the elements.

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