Everything You Need to Know About Roof Insurance Claims

Insurance is something you pay and hope never to have to use. Yet when you need it, you are immensely grateful for the financial help it can provide. When making roofing claims, Tulsa homeowners are usually emotionally distraught and may not always think clearly. Here are some great tips on streamlining the process.

Ducks in a Row

When your Tulsa home’s roof faces some problem — weather, a stray branch, a sudden leak — you need to make two calls. Call your insurance company, and then call Perfection Roofing Inc. We work with insurance companies all the time, and know most of the adjusters in the Tulsa area.

You will not be left out of the process, but the insurance adjuster and our representative can take over the bulk of the work on your behalf, as long as you get your “ducks in a row.” You should collect a few items to make everyone’s job easier and speed the work along:

  • Find your homeowner’s insurance policy
  • Note your insurance policy number
  • Find and record the deductible amount (what you will pay)
  • Take photographs or video records of the damage, so long as you can do so safely; these will be helpful for the adjuster
  • Call your insurer’s claim telephone number (not your local agent), provide your policy number and whatever else the representative asks, and write down the claim record number the representative gives you.

Work With A Reputable Roofing Company

Perfection Roofing Inc. is happy to work with you and your insurance company to make an insurance claim nearly effortless. We understand your claim combines financial stress, emotion and concern about your home’s structural integrity.

We will send a trained representative to meet your insurance adjuster and inspect the damage. Our expert may see something the adjuster does not; the adjuster may have in mind one solution, but our technician may have a better remedy.

A local roofer like Perfection Roofing Inc. can restore your home to the beauty, structural stability and value you expect. We will work throughout the process with your insurer so you will feel completely comfortable with the quick repairs to your home’s roof, with no pricing surprises

Wise homeowners should contact Perfection Roofing Inc. today to make roofing claims Tulsa homeowners file easy. If you do your part — keep your paperwork organized, stay connected to your insurance company — we will do our part to get your roof expertly repaired.

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