emergency roofing solutionsHigh winds, hail, heavy rainfall, and other extreme weather can spell the end for your roof, regardless of its age. Unfortunately, if your roof is damaged, others in the area may have also suffered damage, leaving roofing crews scrambling to keep up with the suddenly-increased demand for repairs. That can leave you facing additional damage, as your home may be open to the elements while you wait for a reliable and experienced roofer to perform emergency roofing repairs. Here are some steps you can take to prevent additional problems while waiting for a repair crew.

Wait for the Storm to Pass

Severe weather can be unpredictable and dangerous. Don’t put your life in jeopardy by trying to fix roof problems while the storm is still ongoing. It’s better to be safe and have a little bit of water in your home than to lose your life trying to save the bedroom rug. Don’t wait to make the call to a professional roofer, though. That should be the first step for any homeowner with roof damage and can be done even while the storm is still raging.

Inspect the Damage

Shingles that have been picked up by wind can let water seep into your home, creating the potential for structural water damage. Once the storm has passed you may need to look both inside and outside to determine where leaks are occurring. Cover all suspect areas on the roof, even if you aren’t seeing immediate signs of leaks from a particular spot. Use tarps, rubber sheets, plastic sheeting, or another sturdy, waterproof material to cover damaged areas. Use bricks or strong tape to secure the material and keep it from blowing away. It won’t be pretty, but it can help mitigate water damage until you can get in touch with a roofer for professional repairs. It’s also important to remove any standing pools of water on your roof, as these can create bigger problems if they’re left alone.

Getting Professional Emergency Roof Repairs

At Perfection Roofing, we understand that the aftermath of a severe storm can be harrowing. That’s why we offer emergency roofing repairs in the Tulsa area. If you have roofing problems following any severe weather event, you can rest easy knowing that our professional roofing repair teams have decades of experience to get your home back in tip-top shape. Contact us online, or call (918) 665-6747 today for a free consultation.

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