Like most people, you’re no fan of emergencies. An event such as emergency roof damage is often unexpected and requires quick action.

Remaining calm during an emergency is one way to make things go more smoothly, however. While an Oklahoma storm may deliver an unwanted roofing emergency, the last thing you want to do is panic. Here are some tips to help you get through the process minus the anxiety.

1. Inspect the damage

Do an interior and exterior assessment of the damage caused to your roof and home after the storm has passed. Water may seep into your home because of the damage, and it’s essential to locate the source of those leaks.

You can use tarps, plastic sheeting, and other materials to cover damaged areas. make sure to cover and move furniture away from leaks.

2. Call a reliable roofing contractor

While there are things you can do – such as locating the source of leaks and protecting your furniture – one of your first steps for when damage occurs is to call an experienced, dependable roofing contractor.

A roofer who’s experienced in emergency roof repair will help bring your roof back to its functional condition while protecting your home and family. Trying to fix the damage by yourself may make the problem worse.

3. Have a plan in place

You never know when a storm will hit. But you can prepare for it by having a plan in place, which covers everything from an evacuation plan for your family to having emergency food and water supplies on hand.

4. Get in touch with your insurer

Contacting your insurance agent is another critical early step you should take when emergency roof repair is needed. Your agent can advise you on how to make a claim, and they’ll want to schedule an appointment with an adjuster who’ll inspect the damage (along with your roofing contractor).

A knowledgeable roofer can also help you navigate the sometimes complicated claim process while making sure that repairs are done promptly and correctly.

5. Don’t linger in an unsafe environment

Nothing is more valuable than your safety. If structural damage caused by the storm puts your family at risk, it’s best to evacuate your home until the necessary repairs are made.

Call Perfection Roofing if your Tulsa-area home experiences storm damage. They have the experience and expertise to guide you through the process.