Demand for roof repairs for Tulsa-area homeowners can loom large after a storm, or build slowly through years of neglect from previous owners. If your house were a business, you would set money aside for capital improvements, but your house is your home. How will you plan and pay for roof repairs?

How Much Will Roof Repair Cost?

Everyone wants an exact amount for the cost of quality roof repair. We get it. We deal with it every day. Yet every roof is different: 

  • Age — The age of your home’s roof guides how easily a repair can be made. Sunlight fades older roofing materials, making color matching a challenge. The roof deck may have deteriorated, requiring extensive carpentry and new sheathing. Your roofer’s experienced eye can quickly assess how age will play a factor in pricing the repair. 
  • Roof Material — A fiberglass-asphalt shingle roof is probably the easiest roof to install and repair; it is certainly the #1 roofing choice for residential roofs in America. If your roof is a less common material (tile, wood shakes, metal), you may have fewer contractor choices and higher costs. Bear in mind, too, if you choose to have full roof replacement, you need not put down the same material. Fiberglass-asphalt shingles are economical, long-lasting, and beautiful. 
  • Condition —  Even a relatively young roof may have sustained a lot of damage, or your roof may have been neglected by previous owners. The roof’s condition affects how widespread the damage is, and how expensive the repair work may be. 
  • Scope of Repair Work — How extensive is the repair area? Total surface area, the number of layers that need replacing, and the specific features that need attention all influence the cost. The more detail and depth, the longer a job will take, and the higher the estimate. 
  • Site and Structure — How easily can crews access your roof? Is your home a single-story ranch or a lovely, three-story Victorian? Can equipment and supply trucks navigate your driveway easily? 

A home with many valleys, ridges and gables, or one with skylights and numerous roof piercings (plumbing stacks, vents, satellite dishes) will require more time and labor. A small jobsite may limit placement of a waste container, delivery of roofing materials, or access to all sides of the home. All of these affect the cost. 

An honest and reputable roofing contractor will send a sales representative out to examine your roof and home. The representative will examine the exterior and interior of your roof, explain the amount and extent of damage, and provide choices in repairs. 

After the visit, the representative will provide a written estimate that includes a scope of work. The scope of work is the heart of the repair estimate and helps with comparisons from other roofers. 

Before you agree to a contractor’s estimated costs, contact at least three local, trustworthy contractors. With three estimates you can see if they all agree on the damage and suitable repair, find a price that works with your budget, and compare the companies.

Be wary of any roofer willing to provide a price by email or telephone, sight unseen. 

Though you may feel frustrated, the same companies that will provide you with a lowball estimate or a sight-unseen quote will never deliver a quality repair, while the companies able to give your Tulsa-area home the roof repair it deserves will never provide a lowball or sight-unseen price! 

Will Insurance Pay for Roof Repair?

If a storm damages your Tulsa-area home, your homeowners insurance probably will cover all the damage, less your deductible. Work only with a trusted, local roofer experienced in handling insurance claims. Avoid  insurance fraud concerns of piggybacking old damage onto the storm damage claim. 

With a storm damage insurance claim, make these calls in this order:

  • Call your local, dependable roofer to get a site visit and written estimate
  • Call your homeowners insurance company to report the damage and begin a claim

Then, step back and let the two professionals work with each other. The roofer will visit your home alongside the insurance adjuster, pointing out issues the adjuster may not notice.

The roofer provides a written estimate and works directly with the insurance company on the storm damage claim. You pay your deductible and the repair work moves along swiftly. A final inspection ensures quality repairs.  


You can also finance roof repair work through your local lender. Options include personal loans, home equity line of credit (HELOC), or (for minor repairs), bank credit cards.

With Perfection Roofing Inc., you always get an accurate estimate at a fair price. Our superior customer service is only matched by our impressive repair skills. Connect with us today!