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When we think about technological advances, we don’t normally think of advances in roofing technology. However, technological advances in roofing technology create roofing that is more durable, that can withstand water and heat, protects from disasters – and saves energy. Although we do not work with every roofing type, we are committed to staying on top of industry best practices and latest information.  So – we’d like to share with you some facts about the cooler technology that is being developed within the roofing industry:

Fireproof Roofing

With the advancement of technology in fireproof coatings, there are many options available to add increased protection from fires to roofing types such as wooden shakes. (Slate, tile, and metal roofing are all non-combustible.  However, metal roofing can escalate a house fire by trapping heat within the structure.)

Some brands of roofing have begun experimenting with other technology to stint the spread of flames, including using volcanic rock. Since a fire ordinarily spreads due to an exothermic reaction – more energy is generated than is necessary for the reaction, and the excess energy becomes heat. Volcanic rock requires more energy than many other materials to react, so the reaction costs more energy than it generates and the heat is drawn into the rock, both weakening the blaze and preventing its spread.

Flat Roofing Membranes

Newer types of flat roofing are made with TPO or PCV membranes, both of which show increased waterproof characteristics and durability.  Some types are still under development for optimal weatherproofing, while others have continually stood up to the test of wind, rain, and hail.

Cool Roofing

Cool roof technology can be applied in many different ways.  Typically, it is a mere reflective coating or material that allows the roof to reflect more heat from the sun back into the environment as opposed to absorbing it.  Absorption of heat, combined with poor ventilation, will result in an increased demand on cooling & air conditioning systems.  Lighter colored roofing is typically proclaimed as a “cool” roof, although some types of roofing (metal, for one) are naturally reflective regardless of color.

The degree to which a “cool roof” promotes energy savings does vary greatly by material type and manufacturer.

Green Roofing

Whereas cool roofing denotes the reflective nature of a roofing system, green roofing is a more general term that encompasses many aspects of energy efficiency.  Solar shingles and garden roofs fall under this second category and are increasing in popularity throughout the country.


Insulation has improved with carefully woven materials, most notably glass fiber and polymeric materials – types of foam. The weave of fibrous products is so tight that it provides excellent insulation; the polymeric is applied thickly enough that there are no gaps.

As roofing technology advances, you can count on the reliable roofers at Perfection Roofing to give your Tulsa home the best roof available.

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