The snow is falling outside and your roof has just developed a leak after an aggressive storm. Now, what steps should you take? Should you call a roofer right away? Do they even work in the winter? Should you wait until the roof is free of snow and ice? Should you put off repair till spring?

These are common questions many homeowners have and many wonder about how weather and temperature affect the possibility of a roof repair. Roofing can be completed in winter, but there may be limitations depending on the weather. Calling your trusted Tulsa roofer for a repair as soon as a roofing problem occurs is your best course of action.

Types of Roof Repairs That Can Be Done in Winter

Just about any roof repair can be done in winter.

  • Replacing cracked, broken, or missing shingles – Shingles start to crack and break due to an effect called thermal splitting. Shingles expand and contract with seasonal changes and can also be damaged by hail or a tree limb crashing on your roof. Conversely, a powerful storm may blow off loose shingles, exposing your roof to water damage. When your roof has a patch of cracked or missing shingles, a quick winter repair is important to prevent water and snowmelt from seeping into the roof sheathing and causing leaks.
  • Patching up Leaks – Moisture is the greatest enemy of all roofs. Any cracks in flashing, around a skylight, near valleys, or on the roofing materials can lead to big leaks. If not taken care of, even a seemingly small leak can wreak havoc on your home, including causing wood rot, ruining drywall, leading to the growth of mold and mildew. Therefore, it’s important to have leaks fixed to prevent moisture from ruining the structural integrity of your roof and home.
  • Fixing Debris/Storm Damage – Heavy hail, sleet, and rock-hard granules of ice can do some serious damage to your roof. Also, winter storm winds may cause tree limbs to snap and fall onto a roof, which can cause damage to a patch of shingles or collapse a section of the roof.

How Roof Repair is Different in Winter than During the Warmer Months

Winter roofing can be dangerous. Roof surfaces can become slippery and slick thanks to frost and ice. Roofing in winter requires a lot more planning, safety precautions, and a patient attitude than during the warmer months.

The roofers must be extra careful when going up and down ladders and walking on the roof since foot slips occur more easily in cooler weather. Part of this also involves wearing high-performing gear and roof-fall equipment. Roofers have to work shorter hours and take breaks to warm up.

When it’s too cold, shingles become brittle and difficult to work with. Colder temperatures can also interfere with the nails and the adhesive’s ability to bond to the roof.

When replacing cracked or missing shingles in the height of winter, caulking can be used to provide a seal and give the material the best chance of success against snow and strong winds. Additionally, winter applications require 6 nails instead of the usual 4.

Another common consideration for winter roof repair is snow removal. Snow and ice make it difficult to identify problem areas and make the repairs. Even a few inches of snow can spell problems, so removal or de-icing should be done before the repair process, but this will require extra time and caution.

When Conditions Make Winter Roof Repair Impossible

If the full repair cannot be done immediately, a roofer can provide interior leak protection to minimize the damage. Tarps can be installed on your roof to help keep rain, sleet, ice, and snow out if repairs can’t be made immediately. With careful planning, attention to detail, and additional safety measures, winter roof repairs are far from impossible. Don’t delay the repairs and allow roofing problems to get worse. When you notice signs of roof damage, make an appointment with Perfection Roofing in Tulsa as soon as possible. We have the experience to detect problems and get your roof fixed to the highest standard, no matter the weather. If your Tulsa roof needs repair in the middle of winter, contact us for a free quote or an emergency roof repair visit.