What do you expect from your employees? Consistently good performance; trustworthy work. Those are the definitions of “reliable,” and you should expect them not only of your own company’s workers but of the third-party vendors you invite to your corporate site. Your commercial roofer, for example, should be a reliable roofing contractor in whose hands you can place your roof without worry. Here are some guidelines for finding that reliable roofing contractor.

Gather Opinions

Your search for a reliable roofing contractor should first be a local search. Use someone who has worked in your area for years, if not decades, so you can check their past work. Contact your business partners to see which roofer they use or recommend. Get independent advice, too, from national organizations like Angie’s List or the Better Business Bureau. Angie’s List, for example, recommends using only local contractors (surprise!), verifying credentials and getting detailed estimates.

License and Insurance

You cannot afford to leave your corporate building exposed to insurance or litigation challenges. Make certain the reliable roofing contractor you select has both a state license (you can look this up through Oklahoma’s Construction Industries Board) and adequate insurance.

A good commercial roofer will hold both workers’ compensation insurance and liability insurance, to protect you, the roofing customer, from issues stemming from an injured roofer.


Never take a roofer’s word without supporting evidence. If a local roofer claims to have performed 25 single-ply roofing installations, ask to see photographs, video clips and street addresses of these jobs. If you have narrowed your search to someone you think is a local, established, reliable roofing contractor, ask to visit a current work site so you can see the contractor’s strengths:

  1. Equipment
  2. Crew efficiency
  3. Work quality
  4. Organization
  5. Cleanliness

A Pop Quiz

Finally, give the roofer a little test: ask them to describe their last three callbacks. A roofer who hesitates, who claims to have had no callbacks, is not being straightforward with you. Move on to the contractor who explains how the company’s roofing crew remedied a situation that was not to a customer’s liking. That is the core of good, reliable customer service.

Please contact us at Perfection Roofing, Inc. so we can help you assess your commercial property’s roof, its condition and future. We are local, reliable and proven. We have deep roots in the community; we are proud of our history of conscientious service to our Tulsa neighbors.

How to Seal a Good Deal with Your Roofing Contractor