commercial_flat_roof_IM000424Whether you are a building manager or facility manager, preventive commercial roof maintenance is a critical aspect of managing your commercial building. The roof is what protects employees, products, and property the significant damage possible from the outside elements. Being proactive can also help you avoid the need for a more costly full roof replacement.
When it comes to what kind of commercial roof maintenance is needed, there are several key visible indicators:

Standing Water

Signs of standing and poorly or non-draining rainwater are cause for serious concern. Standing water can slowly wear away at your roof’s concrete, wood, steel, or other material. This will eventually lead to leaks that can cause property damage and compromise building materials. Additionally, excessive ponding creates significant additional weight that can weaken your roof deck.


Bubbles can be caused by trapped moisture within the roof cover, or the release of gasses from insulation boards underneath the cover. When left unaddressed, bubbles can cause premature ageing of the entire roof and lower the roof’s effectiveness against uplift wind forces.

Hail Damage

Hail is one of the most powerful roof-damaging forces. While it is more common in more northern areas, even Oklahoma building owners can experience hail damage, like they did this previous year. If you see circular damage on your roof, chances are likely that your building requires commercial roof maintenance. Fortunately, most insurance providers include policies to help you work with a professional roofer to remedy the issue in a timely manner.

Gaps in the Roof Flashing

Roof flashing is the metal strips installed around the roof’s perimeter, where the cover meets the wall. You may also have roof flashing installed around protruding rooftop equipment as it will allow water to be deflected away from joints and seams. However, when you have a gap in this material it can increase the possibility for water leaks, the intrusion of mold, and failure of the roof during high winds.


In addition to checking your roof for visible signs of deterioration, it is important to routinely inspect gutters, especially during the hurricane season. Gutters should include special gutter straps to resist uplift during high winds. Inspect that your gutters are kept free of any debris that may limit proper drainage.

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