shingle roof replacement in the Tulsa area by Perfection Roofing

The best time to decide which shingles will look best on your Tulsa home is before you need a shingle roof replacement. Your roof’s configuration makes a difference as to the type of shingles that can be chosen. Additionally, shingles vary in color, style, impact resistance, and warranties. You might also want to consider shingles that help your home be more energy efficient. Here are some things to consider as you set out to choose your new shingles.


Shingles serve as part of the overall roofing system’s first defense against the brutal Tulsa weather. With that in mind, your choice should reflect the shingles’ ability to protect your home. Many shingles come in impact-resistant varieties that make them an excellent choice in areas prone to hail or falling tree limbs.


A shingle’s warranty reflects its average serviceable lifetime. Choosing shingles with a longer warranty means that you will need a shingle roof replacement less often. Because we are an Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Contractor, we can offer warranties to Tulsa homeowners that cover both the materials and the installation.

Color and Style Choices

This is the fun part. Our Owens Corning shingles come in a variety of styles and colors. Did you know that you can choose shingles that have the durability and low maintenance of asphalt but mimic the style and texture of wood shakes? Plus, our shingles come in 28 color pallets, allowing you to really express yourself with your roofing choices.

Green Options

You may be concerned about the environment. Your choice of roofers and shingles needs to reflect that. We recycle the asphalt shingles that we tear off of your existing roof to minimize the impact that your old roof will have on the environment. Additionally, the shingles you choose can help your roof to reflect more of the sun’s heat away from your home, reducing your carbon footprint and lowering your summer cooling costs.

Roof Styles

If your roof is complicated and has a lot of slopes, valleys, or turrets, you may have to opt for traditional asphalt shingles. Simpler roofs have more style options available to them.

Final Thoughts            

Ultimately, the shingles you choose are a reflection of you. The Owens Corning Design EyeQ tool can help you visualize your choices before they go on the roof. Then, when the time comes for your shingle roof replacement, you’ll be ready.

Contact Perfection Roofing for more information on adding the perfect roof to your home in Tulsa and the surrounding area.

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