This holiday season, you may be  looking at your roof’s condition and wondering if Santa might be able to bring you a new one on his way through Tulsa. Since Tulsa experiences a fairly average winter, with an average low of only 26 degrees and highs of 50 degrees, there is not much leeway to install a new roof when manufacturers recommend installation temperatures above 40 degrees. Since we may doubt that Santa will leave such a gift under the tree, the question remains: can it be done at all?

Santa Brings a Shingle RoofA Shiny New Shingle Roof?

Several factors can make a winter installation possible, as Perfection Roofing contractors note:

Sun Warmth: Roofs are warmer than ground or low air temperatures—the sun can add 10 degrees to the roof surface, making shingle adhesive strips warm enough to stick together

Added adhesive: Roofers can add a dollop of adhesive to each tab to temporarily hold the shingle down until it warms enough to stick on its own

Roofing nails: Since roofing nails do the majority of the job in adhering a shingle roof together, it is possible on some occasions to rely on their strength alone until warmer weather arrives

A Warm Spell: A succession of warm, clear days can be the narrow window necessary to make installation possible


Summer weather remains ideal, and we will not always tackle a winter installation of new shingle roofing. Some legitimate concerns we at Perfection Roofing have include:

Warranty Voiding— We will have to make sure that the shingle warranty pertaining to your new roof will remain intact if installed in cold temperatures

Worker Safety—A winter roof is slippery, and daylight hours are brief.  If ice storms or blizzards are in the forecast, it is best to hold off until the weather improves.

Unpredictable Weather Changes—Sudden changes in precipitation, humidity or temperature can delay installation

Difficult Working Conditions—working in the cold makes hands stiff, freezes hoses on air compression tools, and thickens grease used on motorized equipment

Reasons for Gifting Your Home With a Newly Repaired Roof

If your Tulsa-area home has one or more of these drastic issues, a winter repair or installation may be necessary:

Major Roof Leaks—These can appear anywhere, although they are found most commonly around flashing at roof piercings, including chimneys, pipes, and vents.

Blunt Force Damage—Damage sustained from recent storms, falling limbs, or wind-borne objects.

Animal Intrusion—Unwanted critters might seek out the warmth of your home, entering through gaps at the ridge, around chimneys, or at the roof edge (behind the fascia).

Multiple Missing Shingles—Shingles are lost from basic wear and tear of advanced age or wind damage.

Your best strategy with the onset of wintry weather is to invite a reliable roofing contractor, such as Perfection Roofing, to your Tulsa home for an inspection and estimate. Discuss your concerns and desires, and know that we will offer you honest suggestions and solutions. It may not fit in a gift box, but a new shingle roof could be in the bag this holiday season.

Contact Perfection Roofing for a free inspection of your Tulsa home’s roof.

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