What is the Best Residential Roofing Shingle for Your Home?

What dates from 1901, is the most popular residential roofing material, and is made from asphalt? The fiberglass-asphalt shingle of today has a long history. Choosing the best shingle for your home is a decision rooted in economics, aesthetics, and technology. 


To select the best shingle for your home, begin with your budget. Are you spending money on a completely new roof, or only paying for repair work in a few small areas? 

Singles are priced by the package, which typically holds 33.33 square feet of shingles. Three packages makes a “square,” which is 100 square feet of coverage. The least expensive fiberglass-asphalt shingles are called three-tab shingles, and they will get the job done without many marks for beauty, longevity or quality. 

The most expensive fiberglass-asphalt shingles, however, are still much less expensive to purchase and install than a typical metal roof. Deep profile architectural shingles, the best in the industry, provide great looks, boost curb value, and provide decades of dependable protection. 


The first all-asphalt shingles, back at the turn of the 20th century, were nothing to look at. You could have any color you wanted so long as you wanted black. With the innovation of adding chopped up bits of fiberglass, these shingles became far stronger, longer lasting, and economical. 

With the increased roof life of fiberglass-asphalt shingles, customers started demanding (and the roofing industry started providing) choices in granule color. Now you can get just about any color in the rainbow in just about any price line you wish. 

The aesthetics of a shingle are not be ignored. One shingle will stand out among the others if you mismatch the style, pattern or color. Repair work done on a three-tab shingle roof using high-grade architectural shingles can actually harm the water resistance of the roof, since the added thickness of the architectural shingles may lift the three-tab shingles around them. 

Your roofer needs to be sensitive to the aesthetics of the shingles. While some roofers may rush to get a job done, they do not have to live under that roof. Take your time and make certain the shingle you select for repair or full roof replacement fits who you are:

  • Color
  • Cut and style
  • Thickness

Done well, a roof repair may show slightly different color due to sun fading of the original shingles, but the overall appearance will be harmonious. 

Done well, a full reroof will lift your home above the ordinary, providing a crown jewel to your property and boosting your home’s curb appeal. 


Asphalt and fiberglass-asphalt shingles of 40 years ago were expected to provide a decade, maybe 15 years of useful life. The reason asphalt shingles are the #1 roofing material for residential installation is simple:

  • They are the least expensive roofing material to install
  • They needed to be replaced frequently

Today’s technology has changed the roofscape a bit. Fiberglass-asphalt shingles are still the least expensive roof to install. Yet they no longer fail after only 10 or 15 years. Thanks to improvements in materials science, these sturdy shingles can be weather resistant for 20 or 30 years, reducing your need to replace them so frequently. 

Leading manufacturers continue the tradition of the worthy shingle, an American invention. Among the world-class companies is Owens Corning. 

Owens Corning

From granule adhesion to the glass fibers, every part of Owens Corning brand of shingles is tested, improved, and manufactured with the goal of increased reliability. 

Owens Corning does not produce shingles alone. It produces an entire roofing system, from ridge vent shingles to shingles to underlayment to starter shingles, ventilation products, and insulation. 

What is the difference between selling a shingle and selling a roofing system? Integrity, in the sense that the parts integrate to produce better results than any one item. With a complete Owens Corning roof using all the company’s components, you know you will have a weather-tight, unified system protecting your home. 

But what if all you need is some small repair work? Again, turning to Owens Corning brings you the best choices. The company provides, and Perfection Roofing installs, six different price lines and more than 30 different colors of shingles. You are sure to find the right cut, style and price point for any size repair. 

From small jobs to a full roof, you will be happy with an Owens Corning shingle installed by your local, reliable roofer, Perfection Roofing. 

Professional Eye

For the trained, experienced professional eye you need to diagnose and deal with your shingle roof, turn to Perfection Roofing. Our crews are the very best. Our equipment is modern. Our technique and training is unmatched. Contact us today and allow us the privilege of helping you with your shingle selection. Whether the job is repair or full replacement, we are here to help.