Your roof is one of the most costly and crucial structural components of your home. To get the full value from your roof, you need to make it last as long as possible and prioritize roof-related expenditures.

Controlling Costly Roof Repairs For Your Tulsa Home

Here are some wise actions to take to keep your roof in top condition in the most economical way possible:

Schedule Periodic Inspections

Have a skilled, dependable roofing contractor perform a thorough inspection of your roof to give you a baseline assessment of its condition and expected lifespan, then follow your roofer’s advice on how often to schedule follow-up inspections. Some roofers offer inspection services for free, while others charge a nominal fee.

Take Care of the Gutters

To keep water flowing freely off the roof, your gutters should be cleaned out a couple of times a year. While you can tackle this chore yourself, it’s worth paying an experienced pro to handle it for your safety. If the gutters are leaking or sagging away from the fascia, repairing/replacing them is a justifiable expense because it can save your roof.

Trim Trees Routinely

If there are trees surrounding your home with branches that overhang the roof, hire an arborist to cut them back to a safe distance. Keeping trees limbs trimmed at least 10 feet back from the house can lessen the risk of damage during a storm, and keep dead leaves, needles or seed pods from accumulating on your roof.

Assess Your Attic Ventilation

Adequate ventilation in the attic can extend the life of your roof in two ways: In the summer, it helps prevent premature shingle aging due to overheating from below. In the winter, it reduces the likelihood of condensation and ice dam formation. The ideal amount of ventilation is one square foot of vent area per 150 or 300 square feet of attic space, depending on whether there’s a vapor barrier installed, and upgrading is an expense that can pay for itself over the long term.

An additional measure that’s completely free is walking your home’s perimeter every couple of months and looking down for piles of shingle granules beneath your downspouts or metal roof fasteners on the ground, and looking up for obvious flashing deterioration or damage to your roof material.

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