Let’s play a game. To buy into the game, you need to stake your home’s roof. Not willing to run that risk? Well, you do any time you select from roofing contractors who have these bad habits and qualities.

No License? Big Problem!

The Construction Industries Board (CIB) of Oklahoma keeps meticulous records on businesses that hold licenses to build and repair Oklahomans’ homes. As the CIB says, it “is a non-appropriated, self-funded state agency whose mission is to protect life and property by licensing and inspection of the related trades for the health, safety, and welfare of the public.”

With roofing contractors who are not licensed, that is like dealing with companies whose mission is to threaten life and property, to make the public unsafe and unhealthy. Perfection Roofing, Inc., for example, is proud to hold License #80000100 and be “In Good Standing” with the CIB.

Aged To Perfection

Roofing contractors come and go; it is the nature of the construction business. Think of it as survival of the fittest, and Perfection Roofing has been a great fit for Oklahomans since 1979. Can other roofers match that longevity? A roofer new to the trade will be using your Tulsa-area home as a proving ground. A roofer from out of state will be moving on through, unavailable for callbacks should some little imperfection catch your eye.

Local, reliable, long-term roofing contractors, on the other hand, will be available for initial installation, later repair continued maintenance and consultation should you decide a new roof is in order (a few years from now).

Picking Up By Pickup

Commercial and residential roofing is a specialized trade. It requires special equipment, like boom trucks and bucket trucks. It requires more than a contractor with a day crew picked up that morning outside the big-box home improvement store.

Both equipment and crew must be up to the task of re-roofing your Tulsa-area home expertly and efficiently. Gone are the days of watching hired day laborers muscle bundles of shingles up ladders — that is inefficient, unsafe and ill-advised.

Perfection Roofing, Inc., a local roofer, is a standout among local roofing contractors. We hold all the right licenses and insurance, we have all the right equipment, and we pride ourselves on our longevity, staying in business since 1979. That is more than 35 years of perfection in roofing! Please contact us today for your Tulsa-area home’s new roof.

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