Do These Things Now, Avoid Heartache Later!


Nearly all Oklahoma commercial roofers have seen or heard of roofs collapsing. Many times, as with the Collinsville, OK car crash, the roof is an innocent victim. For problems like that, a business owner depends on insurance and a bit of luck. For most roofing issues, a little attention now can prevent huge losses later.


A little standing water on a roof can be expected after a major storm. Enough rainwater sitting on your commercial roof to allow bushes and trees to take root, however, is a sign of serious neglect. Ponding sets up an aggressive cycle of destruction:

  • Water sits on the roof, compressing the insulation
  • This deepens the shallow area, inviting more water
  • A larger pond develops, compressing the insulation more and opening seams
  • Water infiltrates, soaking the insulation and damaging the roof deck


If your facilities crew can safely navigate your company’s low-slope roof, have them use push brooms to spread water out to evaporate quickly. Remove all vegetation, and contact your Oklahoma commercial roofers, such as Perfection Roofing Inc., to assess insulation and seam damage.

Cost it Out

Calculate what you will spend on annual or semiannual inspections and then compare that to your roof’s expected lifespan. The experts at Facilities Net demonstrate that a neglected roof will last as little as half its expected life, costing your business hundreds of thousands of dollars.


Annual maintenance usually costs two percent of installed cost, so in 10 years, you might spend $100,000 on a $500,000 roof. If you try to “save” that $100,000 by neglecting maintenance, the roof may fail after only five years, requiring replacement. The 10-year cost to you rises to $1 million, all so you could save $100,000.

Archive It

Treat your roof like a museum piece. Collect all the documentation you can on it, from original building plans to invoices and receipts for all repair work. This is not for nostalgia; you are attempting to have a complete history on the roof, so the Oklahoma commercial roofers working on your roof can know how and when it was repaired in the past.


At Perfection Roofing Inc. we do not judge; please contact us today if you have one of these issues, or have neglected rooftop maintenance for too long. We can work with you to restore your roof and keep your business thriving.


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