Ethylene Propylene Diene Monom, aka When it comes to commercial flat roofing, at Perfection Roofing, we will not only provide the best possible roofing materials available, but we will make sure that your flat roof installation is as perfect as it can get. We pride ourselves on the quality and craftsmanship of our work, which is why we’ve enjoyed such a credible reputation as a family-owned business in the Oklahoma City area for almost 35 years. This means that we know what it takes for a roof to be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions that Oklahoma City is often known for.

If you are considering EPDM roofing for your commercial building, Perfection Roofing would like to recommend Duro-Last roofing as an alternative. While EPDM roofing is a solid choice, Duro-Last roofing does have a competitive edge.

The Advantages of Duro-Last

There are a number of benefits that Duro-Last roofing will provide as an alternative to EPDM roofing. The following are a few of those benefits:

    • Unlike other manufacturers, Duro-Last includes custom prefabricated deck sheets.


    • The sheet construction is factory prefabricated into panels available for up to 2,500 square feet, whereas EPDM roofing is only available in rolls that typically only cover up to 1,000 square feet per roll.


    • Duro-Last reinforces all flashing material and heat-welds the flashing instead of applying it using glue.


    • Unlike EPDM roofing, Duro-Last also provides custom prefabricated curbs and stacks as well as scuppers and parapets.


    • Duro-Last is the only roofing type that includes ponding water in its warranty. Other manufacturers void their warranties in the case of ponding water. This is actually indicative of the quality of Duro-Last because flat roofs tend to be much more vulnerable to ponding water than any other type of roof. The fact that the warranty covers it means that the manufacturer has total belief in its product.


    • Duro-Last is, also, the only manufacturer that provides a warranty at no extra costs in addition to covering both repairs and replacements.


As you can see, Duro-Last not only has a competitive edge over EPDM roofing, it also compares quite well to other roofing manufacturers. Of course, a high quality roofing system is only part of the process – you will want to ensure that it’s installed by expert Oklahoma City contractors, like the ones employed with us at Perfection Roofing.

To learn more about the exceptional qualities of Duro-Last roofing, contact us at Perfection Roofing, Inc.

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