Our area of Oklahoma is prone to severe storms that unleash high winds, torrential rains, hail, and the occasional tornado. If your roof gets damaged by such a storm, you can face the daunting task of filing a homeowner’s insurance claim to cover the cost of repairs. Gaining some insight into the claims process now can make it easier to cope if and when a storm damages your roof, and it can help ensure that you get the best possible repair results, too.

Determining Whether to File a Claim

If you suspect that your roof has sustained even minor storm damage, have your roof thoroughly evaluated by a HAAG-certified roofing inspector. Even a few broken/uplifted shingles or areas of loosened flashing can cause leaks and extensive structural and interior damage. A skilled inspector can assess, document and photograph the damage to your roof, and give you a cost estimate for repairs. If the anticipated repairs total more than your insurance deductible, it’s worth filing a claim.

Best Way to Handle Roof Damage Claims in Tulsa

Once you’ve had a free roof inspection, here’s how to proceed with a damage claim:

  • Contact your insurance company to report your roof damage and tell them you’ve had an inspection performed. They should ask for the inspector’s name and then set up a time to have their adjuster assess your roof.
  • Plan to have your roofing inspector on hand for the adjuster’s visit. This can avert problems like receiving a settlement offer that doesn’t cover all the needed repairs because the adjuster missed some critical damage.
  • Make sure the roofing contractor you hire for repairs is reputable, well-established in Tulsa, and has experience dealing with insurance claims. Beware of any contractor who offers to do the work without you paying a deductible, or asks if you’re interested in coming out ahead cash-wise on the repairs.
  • When you receive an estimate letter and first check, schedule your roof repairs. Once the work is completed, your contractor will send a final invoice to your insurer, and you’ll receive a second check for any depreciation they held back, less your deductible. After a final inspection, pay your roofing contractor and make sure you receive a workmanship and material warranty certificate.

To have your roof assessed for storm damage by an expert HAAG-certified inspector, contact us at Perfection Roofing Inc., your trusted roof damage claims specialist in Tulsa.