roof repair and more to get your home in shape for winter

High on your Tulsa home is your shingle roof, and high on your fall to-do list could be shingle roof replacement. Getting ready for winter’s onslaught means getting that roof attended to, but other chores as well. 

One: Shingle Roof Replacement

This must be your Number One priority, to protect your Tulsa home and your family from winter’s harsh cold, ice and snow. It is also not a chore you can tackle yourself, so contact Perfection Roofing to let us help you take one item—superior quality shingle roof replacement to preserve your home—off that chore list.

Window Chores

  1. Remove your window screens, and either hose and scrub them off or, for a small investment, soak them in a bleach and soap solution in a plastic kiddie pool. Spray rinse and store them.
  2. Inspect the outside of windows; re-caulk them to prevent water infiltration.


  1. Winterize the outside portion of your central air conditioner by clearing debris, washing the cabinet, flipping the circuit breaker, and covering the top with a weighted plywood piece or a bungee-tied tarp. Do not completely cover the sides; air should circulate to prevent corrosion and critter nesting
  2. Replace or clean furnace and AC filters, and remember to replace your furnace filter monthly during heating season for optimum indoor air quality.
  3. Check your programmable thermostat for energy-saving settings; swap out the battery if the unit is not hard-wired.

Attic Activities

Before Tulsa falls into the deep freeze, visit your home’s attic to check for adequate insulation and to uncover possibly unpleasant signs:

  1. Insulation should be thick enough to hide the joist tops
  2. Use a strong light on the underside of roof sheathing to check for mold, and check the top of insulation for droppings, nests and other signs of pests

Homeowners can opt to add their own insulation, or contact Perfection Roofing for our convenient insulation service. For insect evidence, a fog bug bomb may be sufficient, but for other animal invaders, contact a professional pest control company.

One Phone Call

One chore is the simplest: for shingle roof replacement, gutters, insulation and other services for your Tulsa home, contact Perfection Roofing today.

We can provide you with good advice, practical solutions, and the finest workmanship whether it is gutter repair, shingle roof replacement, or improved attic ventilation. We have been helping Tulsa homeowners since 1979, and we are ready to help you today.