IMG_3085 (Copy)The roof of a house is arguably the single most important exterior feature of the structure. It bears the brunt of Mother Nature’s and protects everything inside – including the occupants – from the worst of sun, rain and wind. For this single reason, it deserves to be maintained regularly and always repaired at the earliest possible opportunity. Here are the most obvious reasons to get a roof inspection:

Missing or Broken Shingles

The most apparent sign of a damaged roof and one of the most potentially damaging. Missing shingles allow water to penetrate into the interior and can damage everything from walls and ceilings to electrical systems.

Undetermined Leaks

Finding a damp, discolored ceiling or wall indicates that water is entering the structure. This is not a minor issue as an unchecked leak will considerably damage all sorts of substructures and systems. It is imperative to determine the source of the leak and repair it as soon as possible.

Overflowing Gutters

While not technically a problem with the roof, gutters are an indispensable part of the water removal system and allowing them to get clogged can cause all sorts of problems. If you experience rivulets of water cascading down the side of your home, you should definitely have it checked out by a roofing professional.

Animal Intruders

If you notice the sound or smell of “critters” in your home, they may be infiltrating the space through small openings along the roof line. While they will do some damage, these creatures are far more dangerous as a health and safety hazard especially if you have small children.

The Roof is Soft

A sag or curvature in a roof indicates a very serious problem. It means that a significant amount of water is running under the shingles and damaging the substructure. It also means a relatively expensive repair as much of the overlaying material will have to be replaced. Deal with this problems as soon as possible or you will pay even more in the future.

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