5 Practical Tips to Help Your Shingle Roof

1. Clean Your Gutters

Although cleaning gutters is not the most appealing job in the world, it sure is necessary. If you put off cleaning your gutters, and a storm comes, the extra debris from the storm could clog and flood your gutters. If your gutters flood, it could spill over onto your roof and cause serious water damage. This can result in roof repair down the road.

2. Shingle Roof Inspection

Scheduling regular roof inspections to keep up with your shingle roof maintenance will allow your roof to easily last through its entire lifespan. If repairs are needed, make sure to take care of them right away, so they don’t worsen with time. A full shingle roof replacement could result if you wait too long!

3. Remove Yard Materials

If you know that a storm is on its way, make sure that you remove all of your lawn furniture and decor so a large gust of wind doesn’t hurl them into your home.

4. Make Sure Your Roofing Contractor is Licensed

Before hiring a roofing contractor, read through reviews and all of their qualifications online. Confirm that they are licensed through the state, insured, and bonded. Check for certifications as well. Verify that all of their information is legitimate and sort through the good and the bad contractors.

5. Properly Vent Your Attic

A simple way to make sure your roof won’t leak is to check your attic’s ventilation. If your attic is not being vented properly, it can overheat, and moisture can accumulate in your insulation. This can cause mold to grow and your items to be ruined! Look out for black rings around nails in your upper level, which is a telltale sign that your attic is getting too much moisture. Even if you thought your vents were working fine, paint, dust, old insulation, and spiderwebs could be clogging up your attic’s ventilation system and rotting your shingle roof’s underlayment in the process.

6. Regularly Inspect the Fascia Yourself

A visual inspection safely from the ground will work just fine in your case. Look at the board that is laid along your roofline and check for mold, holes, and other issues of the sort. If there are any major holes, call your contractor to come fix the fascia of your roof as soon as possible.

The Perfection Roofing team is here to assist you with all your roofing problems. Call the reputable Tulsa roofers at Perfection Roofing for help maintaining your shingle roof throughout the year.

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