shingle roof replacement

Fall is a wonderful time of year to complete a home improvement project in the Tulsa area. Here are a few ideas for home improvement project to get your home in shape for winter.

#1 – Revamp Insulation

Upgrade of your attic’s insulation will put you in an excellent position to weather the winter storms while reducing your overall utility costs.

#2 – Improve Home Ventilation

Consider a whole house ventilation system as well, to help keep the air in your home fresh during the colder months when you’ll want to keep the windows and doors tightly sealed. This is particularly important during the winter months when indoor air can become stale.

#3 – Clean & Repair the Gutter System

A roof in great shape with gutters or eaves in need of repair can still lead to significant damage, particularly in winter when ice dams are prone to form in clogged gutters. Make sure to clean out any leaves and debris, and considering upgrading old gutters with new ones which will provide you years of hassle free use.

#4 – Seal the Driveway & Walkways

Does your asphalt driveway need to be sealed?  Are there cracks in your concrete walkways?  Take the time to fix these minor problems before winter hits.  Small cracks can quickly grow large over the course of several freeze-thaw cycles, leading to extensive repair requirements in the springtime.

#5 – Schedule a Fall Roof Inspection

Fall is an important time of year to fully inspect the condition of your roof, in particular the state of the shingles and flashing. Hiring a professional will ensure you of a job done right. Your roofing contractor can help you evaluate any damage and offer insight on the need for shingle roof replacement or repairs.

For more information on scheduling a fall roof inspection for your home, contact our team at Perfection Roofing.