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The investment that you made in your home continues throughout the years. Sometimes the plumbing or electricity needs fixed, sometimes the walls need resurfaced, and every once in a great while, your roof needs replaced. Here are a few things to know about a shingle roof replacement before you undergo the task.

1. Re-roofing your house isn’t cheap – a warranty goes a long way in protecting this investment.

Warranties in the roofing business are meant to protect you, the homeowner, from manufacturer defect – which is to say, the company that manufactured the shingles before they were placed on your roof. The shingles you purchase for your home should last for a decade or two – be sure that they come with protection against incidental defects during the manufacturing process.

2. Each manufacturer claims to offer a quality product.

This can make it difficult to determine which products really are of the highest quality – and which will be most suitable for your home. Make sure to check with a reputable roofer for a professional recommendation on which roofing products should be used.

Checking with the Better Business Bureau or even a thorough search online can give you a pretty good picture of which problems arise with which products. Some defects may be limited to a certain manufacturing location or time span.

3. There are multiple shingle types, each with pros and cons.

Shingles are come in many styles and types. The final decision you make probably comes down to your budget, the location in which you live, and your personal aesthetic preferences. Research each of the shingle types to decide which one is right for you.

4. Roof accessories are key in maintaining your home’s durability.

A roofing system is composed of more than just the shingles. For example, proper ventilation can prevent unnecessary attic moisture or heat, which breaks your roof down from below. Gutters protect your siding and windows from the elements by rerouting water flow. Flashing provides additional protection to the valleys, seams, and other more vulnerable areas of your roof.

5. Above all – be happy with your shingle roof replacement. This includes the way it looks.

Though you may not be able to update the actual shape of your roof without extensive architectural renovation, you can do quite a bit with the aesthetics of it by choosing a visually-appealing shingle type and accessories to match.

For help with your next shingle roof replacement in the Tulsa area, please contact Perfection Roofing.

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