A roof replacement is a serious investment in your home. Treat the project as if you were hiring a new employee and ask questions that dig deeper than just rates and material costs. The Tulsa roofer that you hire should make you feel confident. After all, you are placing the safety of your home and family in his hands.

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5 Questions for your Roof Replacement Contractor

1. “What types of warranty does your company offer?”

The best roofers will stand behind their work, and are happy to offer a warranty that covers their workmanship. Additionally, they will make sure to use roofing materials that are accompanied by a  manufacturer’s warranty.

2. “Can you provide me with a written estimate and contract?”

If they answer negatively, begin your search immediately for another roofing contractor. A roof replacement project will cost several thousand dollars – do not risk this money by not requesting an accurate quote and clear contract. Most roofing companies are in the practice of including a detailed estimate and contract with their initial bid.  These estimates should include: a roof removal cost, the amount that will be spent on new roofing materials, plywood sheets, etc.

3. “Are there any roofing materials that you recommend?”

Experienced roofers local to Tulsa  contractor will know the best materials to use for your home.  While all roofers have a go-to manufacturer, the professional you need will know which manufacturer offers a product that is right for your roof. Ultimately, the materials that he suggests should be the same that he feels comfortable using on his own home.

4. “Can I have a copy of your contractor’s license number, bond information and proof of insurance?”

A roofer who will not provide you with the credentials he carries should raise a red flag. Tulsa contractors should have a state license (which can vary whether they own the company or are subcontractors), bonds, worker’s compensation insurance and liability insurance so you are not responsible if an accident occurs during the roof replacement.

5. “Will you please provide me with three references in the Tulsa area?”

A roofing company that consistently performs spectacular work will be proud to give you information about his former projects. Additionally, you may wish to see before and after pictures, and ask about how the crew will care for your home and landscaping during the construction process.

At Perfection Roofing in Oklahoma, we make sure our clients and customers come first.

Contact us for more information on the process of roof replacement – and our recommendations for your home!

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