Homeowners usually want to be DIY professionals when saving money is involved or they simply find a sense of pride in the upkeep up their own home. However, there are always some limitations. Whether it is because you don’t have the expertise, the correct tools, or safety hazards prevent you from finishing the job, there are a handful of things that you can do easily around your home.

1. Cleaning the Gutters

However unpleasant, the task must be done. In the spring and fall, and after strong storms, cleaning your gutters is a necessary job that helps increase the lifespan on not only your gutters, but your roof and foundation as well. For optimal gutter cleaning, use gloves that you won’t mind getting dirty to pick out handfuls of debris to scoop into a bucket, and discard.

2. Confirm Proper Drainage

Make sure the drains on the exterior of your home are flowing in the correct direction, away from your home! To prevent from flooding your basement, perform a bi-yearly drain tile inspection if you spot a little too much moisture in your basement.

How to Check Drain Tiles

3. Roof Inspections from a Reliable Contractor

Maintain your home by scheduling regular roof inspections by your local contractor and then have them complete the necessary shingle roof repair. This maintenance will add years to your roof’s expected lifespan. Because you cannot safely perform a roof inspection by yourself, local and reputable roof contractors like Perfection Roofing perform free roof inspections. Fixing repairs immediately will prevent further damage and save you money over time.

4. Check Accessible Exhaust Vents

Ventilation is a very important aspect of your home’s well-being, even if you don’t think about it often. Making sure your exhaust vents are flowing correctly will prevent toxic chemicals from coming into your home. If you see there is mist or dust floating into the air surrounding the system, this means that it is probably not working the way it should.

5. Look for Driveway Cracks

Cracks that are in abundance throughout your driveway pavement can easily be filled with driveway crack sealer purchased from your preferred local hardware store. Filling asphalt cracks is not a difficult job, and the task can be completed as a quick weekend home improvement project.

Connect with Tulsa’s own Perfection Roofing to schedule your free roof inspection and learn more useful maintenance tips. We can provide you with good advice, practical solutions, and the finest workmanship whether it is shingle roof repair, gutter repair, or improved attic ventilation. We have been helping Tulsa homeowners since 1979.

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