Perfection Roofing 4 Smart things to do for your Oklahoma Roof in the summer


This coming winter, when the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain in Oklahoma, improvements to your Tulsa-area home’s roof this summer can make your home warmer. Most people do not realize the role your attic insulation roof plays in home comfort. It is one of the four smart things you, and Oklahoma roofing contractors, can do.

Insulate … More

Most people consider insulation between attic joists sufficient, but the U.S. Department of Energy recommends folks living in Oklahoma add R25 to R38 insulation on your attic floor to help lower heating costs in winter (and cooling costs in summer).


Additionally, you can add radiant barrier insulation on the underside of your Tulsa-area home’s roof sheathing and rafters, to cut cooling costs even more dramatically.


A complete roofing system includes:

  • Insulation
  • Sheathing
  • Underlayment or water and ice shield
  • Shingles, metal roofing or tiles
  • Guttering
  • Ventilation

Ventilation is crucial for an energy-efficient roof. Your attic’s temperature should equal the outside air, and your attic floor’s insulation should be slightly cooler than that. One way to achieve this is through proper roof ventilation.


Good attic ventilation cuts down on mold and mildew from water infiltration, improves cooling by your central AC, and lowers heating costs because your home’s heated interior is properly separated from the unheated attic.

Cut Back

Overhanging tree branches are the bane of a good roof. Oklahoma roofing contractors may lay down a solid, nicely installed roof and then, five years later, have homeowners complain about loose shingles, pests in the attic or missing flashing. Often, an overhanging tree branch is the culprit. It can scrape against the roof. It can provide access for rodents. It can even whip around in high winds to tear up a roof. Cut back overhanging branches in summer, or hire a pro to do it.

Big Bang

If your budget allows, consider replacing your old fiberglass-asphalt shingles with energy-smart, reflective shingles in a light color. The infrared radiation the new shingles reflect will lower your summer cooling costs for decades to come. Oklahoma roofing contractors are installing more and more light-colored, “cool roofs” on homes, saving homeowners money. Duration® Premium Cool Shingles by Owens Corning are one such product.


For more bright ideas on helping your roof help you, contact us at Perfection Roofing today.


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