4 Best Ways to Note Wind Damage to Your Roof

Oklahoma has its share of high winds with cyclonic systems that blow across the prairies. The wind drives heavy rain and occasional hail that often results in property damage. Your home may not be in the direct path of a tornado, but your roof can still suffer some damage that is not immediately noticeable. You need to make an inspection of your roof and the side of your home after a storm system moves through.

Catching and repairing damage immediately after a storm will prevent further leaks and problems. Here are a few ways to note wind damage to roofs.

1. Corners and Flat Areas

Use binoculars to look at the corners and flatter areas of your roof, depending on its pitch. Look for loose shingles that are not hanging correctly. Check for areas where shingles may have been blown away. Valleys and flashing that serve as a water barrier may also be damaged.
Professional roofers do not recommend that you climb up to your roof. This can be dangerous without the proper safety equipment.

2. Hail and Debris

Check for hail and debris damage to the roof. Hailstones can pit shingles and start holes that spread and ruin the shingle. You may have a tree branch stuck in the roof that is not difficult to find. This can cause a pit or tear in the shingle material.

3. Gutters

Look at rain gutters. Gutters full of debris from a wind and rain storm need cleaning as soon a possible. Gutters that are drooping and torn away from the house should be repaired or replaced immediately. This is only a do-it-yourself job if you have a low roof and one level home.
Professional roofers with safety equipment can do a quick job of cleaning and repairing rain gutters from storm damage. This is important for multi-level homes and commercial buildings.

4. Water Damage

Wind damage to roofs can be accessed by noting signs of water dripping on interior and exterior walls of your home. Ceiling discoloration is another sign of wind damage causing a roof leak.

Perfection Roofing, a leading Tulsa roofing company for 35 years, has immediate repair service for storm damage available 24/7. We know that excessive wind damage to roofs cannot wait since the roof protects your home. We work with insurance companies and we are familiar with claim forms.

Contact us immediately when you spot wind damage to your roof.

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