3 Ways to Know It's Time To Replace Your Home Roof

You will never know by climbing onto your roof when the time is right to replace it. For your own safety, you should never climb on your roof; all the information you need can come to you in other ways. So, just how will you know when you need residential roof replacement?

1. Chronological Age

Depending on the type of roof your Tulsa-area home has, its actual age is an excellent indicator of replacement or repair. The experts at Improvement Center provide typical useful life spans for various roofing materials:

  • Fiberglass-asphalt shingles — 20 years
  • Wood (shingles and shakes) — 30 years
  • Metal — 40 to 80 years
  • Ceramic or concrete tile — 100+ years
  • Slate — 60 to 150 years

This method is just a starting point; actual residential roof replacement should not be decided on installation date alone. If you purchased an existing home, for example, you may have no idea how old the roof is. Look for other signs suggesting replacement.

2. Water Flow

Where does water go when it hits your Tulsa home’s roof? If it goes into the gutters and out into your yard, all is well. If it carries granules off your fiberglass-asphalt shingles and into your gutters, all is not so well. You can safely check your gutters by looking where your gutters empty to the ground for gritty material. The more you see, the worse your roof.

If even a little of the precipitation (rain, snow, sleet; whatever falls) finds its way into your home, you are probably ready for residential roof replacement. A large storm can also be a significant concern to your roof’s functional life. Visit your attic and look to the underside of the sheathing (the large wood sheets supporting your roof). If you see dark blotches, water stains, or soft areas, you have leaks. Leaks indicate your roof is failing.

3. Sun Shine In

While in the attic checking for leaks, also look for light. Sheathing is never nailed down edge to edge. Roofers install sheathing with a small gap for wood expansion, so when you look up from inside the attic, you will notice a 1/16th or smaller slit between sheathing pieces. If you can see any light shining through those narrow gaps, your actual roof is failing. You need residential roof replacement, soon.

When you need to consult an expert roofing contractor about possible residential roof replacement, contact us at Perfection Roofing Inc. We are local, reliable, and ready to help advise you on the best steps to take.

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