As a savvy homeowner, you take all the right steps to choose the best contractor when you need roofing services, like checking that contractors are fully licensed and insured, and making sure they have a reputation for quality workmanship and responsive customer service. After you go to all the trouble of selecting an experienced, trustworthy roofing professional, it’s important to develop a good working relationship so you’re both happy with the results of your project.

Hearing the following three statements from you can make your roofer’s day and demonstrate that you’re committed to forging a mutually-beneficial relationship:

I Want to Explore My Roofing Options, Can You Help?

If you’re planning a roof replacement, a dedicated contractor will appreciate that you want to learn all you can about your material and warranty options in advance. By asking for your roofer’s input, you’ll have all the information you need to make an informed choice on the best type and grade of shingle that matches your budget, and decide whether you should opt for an extended warranty that gives you coverage for the entire roof system.

Can You Explain the Roofing Process So I Know What to Expect?

Whether your current roof requires major repairs or a replacement, a conscientious roofer knows how important it is to discuss your needs and expectations and help you understand the repair or re-roofing process. They’ll gladly answer your questions, explain the project scope and timeframe, advise you on what you can do to prepare, and make sure that all the details are put in writing. This kind of clear communication makes your contractor’s job easier and gives you greater peace of mind throughout your repair or replacement project.

I’d Like to Schedule Follow-Up Roof Care

Expert Tulsa roofing contractors know that timely inspections and routine maintenance are essential to catching problems when they first develop and to keep your roof in good repair, so they’ll gladly advise you on how often an inspection is necessary going forward. They may offer to schedule these vital checkups in advance or to notify you periodically so you can set a date and time that’s most convenient. An experienced contractor will also advise you to contact their office immediately to book an emergency inspection if you suspect that your roof has been damaged during a storm.

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