winter maintenance tasks for your home

There is more to keeping a home in shape than meets the eye. Your house needs regular maintenance, even when the weather cools down. If you neglect your home, it will show. Here are 10 things you need to do this winter to keep your house in excellent condition:

1. Roof Repair

Look into a roof repair. If your home is missing shingles, it is susceptible to damage caused by melting snow and ice. This is also a good time to clear debris from gutters.

2. Prevent Rodent Entry

Walk around the house, closing up any possible vents or crawl spaces where animals may try to make a home.

3. Winterize Air Conditioning Units

Remove your air conditioning units and then store them somewhere they will not attract animals who want to make a home.

4. Winterize Gardening Equipment

You likely won’t need your gardening tools or mower during the winter, so this season is a great time to clean them and make any necessary repairs.

5. Clean Furnace Filters

Change and clean the filters for your furnace. You may need to defer to your instructions to learn more about the process and ensure that you are doing it correctly.

6. Clean Up the Yard

Leaves left on the grass can lead to the growth of mold, leaving you with unhealthy grass during the spring and summer.

7. Insulate Your pipes

Even one layer of insulation can prevent your pipes from freezing this winter.

8. Clear out Your fireplace

Check for animal nests and debris. Many home fires start in the fireplace thanks to dirty chimneys.

9. Turn off the sprinklers

Most places get enough precipitation in the winter (and not enough sun) so that you don’t need to have your sprinklers turn. Plus, this is a great time to drain your irrigation setup to prevent freezing.

10. Protect Your Home’s Foundation

Prepare the area around your house so that the ground slopes away from your home. You do not want to draw water toward the foundation or the soil surrounding it, which can cause dangerous cracks.

Home maintenance should never stop in the winter, even if you do not go outside as often as you do throughout the other seasons. It is a good idea to handle issues like these year round.

Local Help with Roof Repair

For help with your exterior roof and gutter repair needs, contact our team at Perfection Roofing, serving Tulsa and the surrounding region.

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