If you’ve invested in, or are thinking about investing in, a new shingle roof, you are most likely aware of the many advantages they offer.

Shingle roofs are lightweight, especially compared to tile and slate, and are much less of a burden for the top of a home. They offer great aesthetic appeal whether up-close or far away – no matter which texture or style you’ve chosen. And the best news (at least for your pocketbook) is that shingle roofs are durable, lasting anywhere from 10 to 30 years in the Tulsa area.

You can end up on the higher end of this projected lifespan by following 10 simple steps:

10 Steps to a Healthy Shingle Roof

Top 10 Ways to Extend Your Roof’s Life:

  1. Keep your roof free of leaves and debris. This will prevent water from building up and adding unnecessary weight, which can cause the roof to sag and even fail.
  2. Remove snow and ice from your roof for the same reasons – and to prevent destructive ice dams from developing.
  3. Remain vigilant about moss, algae, fungus and mold, which can eat away at a shingle roof. Although many homeowners look for DIY ways to clean their shingles, the preferred safe option is to call in a professional.
  4. Find the source of any puddles of standing water to stay one step ahead of added weight and moss buildup on your roof.
  5. Trim back tree branches, especially those that appear on the verge of falling on your roof.
  6. Clean your gutters regularly. They might seem ancillary to your shingle roof, but leaves, branches and other debris can add up to clog the entire system.
  7. Have your roof flashing inspected regularly to guard against leaks.
  8. Check the seals around skylights, which can wear thin over time.
  9. Keep an eye out for cracks, holes, blistering or open seams to – you guessed it – keep water from damaging your roof. Water is one of the most destructive elements your roof faces and one of the leading causes of shingle roof replacement.
  10. Stay alert to lifted shingles, which can occur after heavy wind storms.

Keep in mind that while they may seem commendable, DIY roofing repairs are dangerous can void your roof warranty. This is where Perfection Roofing can be your best line of defense – expertly and safely extending the lifespan of your roof, preserving your investment for years to come.

Contact Perfection Roofing for more information on maintenance tips for your shingle roof.

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