What You Need to Know about TPO Roofing and Your Commercial Roof

If you’re looking for a cost-effective roofing solution, it’s worth considering TPO roofing for your Tulsa commercial property. Innovative TPO, or thermoplastic polyolefin, is created by chemically binding polypropylene with ethylene-propylene rubber, along with fiberglass and other fillers. First introduced in the early 90s, TPO is now the most frequently-installed single-ply membrane available, and it [...]

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What You Need to Know about Home Ventilation

Your unfinished attic probably isn’t a place you visit very often, but it’s an area of your home that deserves some attention, especially regarding how well it’s ventilated. A lack of ventilation in the attic can cause a host of problems that can easily go unnoticed until your home has suffered significant damage. […]

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Landscaping Options that Will Not Destroy Your Roof

When you’re landscaping around your home, you may not even consider that your plans to beautify your property could potentially harm the roof, since it’s up high and out of sight. Here’s some advice from experienced roofers in Tulsa on how to avoid landscaping-related roof destruction: […]

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4 Smart Things To Do for Your Roof in the Summer

  This coming winter, when the wind comes sweepin’ down the plain in Oklahoma, improvements to your Tulsa-area home’s roof this summer can make your home warmer. Most people do not realize the role your attic insulation roof plays in home comfort. It is one of the four smart things you, and Oklahoma roofing contractors, [...]

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Do These Things Now, Avoid Heartache Later!

  Nearly all Oklahoma commercial roofers have seen or heard of roofs collapsing. Many times, as with the Collinsville, OK car crash, the roof is an innocent victim. For problems like that, a business owner depends on insurance and a bit of luck. For most roofing issues, a little attention now can prevent huge losses [...]

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4 Ways Water Can Wreak Havoc on Your Roof

Water seeks the path of least resistance. If there are roof leaks, water will find them. Water can traverse roofing and building materials horizontally, vertically or take practically any angle it pleases. It can float on the air or sit like a dam on your roof’s eaves. Keep reading to learn how water, whether vapor, [...]

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