Does My Commercial Roof Need BUR or EPDM Roofing?

Every industry has its shorthand. Airline pilots “squawk,” stagehands “fly” scenery, and roofers use BUR and EPDM for protecting Tulsa commercial buildings. You may have heard some of these terms but never been sure exactly what roofers were talking about. Now you can know. […]

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From Night To Day With A Simple Roof Coating

A simple and fast way to spruce up the tired, faded, dirty rooftop surface of your commercial property is with a sprayed on or brush-applied roof coating. This quick, expedient process not only visibly improves your roof, it preserves it. Water infiltration is stopped; years of useful life can be added. All you need is [...]

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Why Tulsa Roofers Rely on Owens Corning Shingles

You can tell a lot about a Tulsa roofer’s understanding of how to keep a home well-protected against our local climate by the shingle brands they work with. Experienced roofing contractors rely on an industry leader like Owens Corning who crafts shingles and roofing accessories that outperform the competition and provide outstanding protection and value. [...]

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Spring Cleaning Your Oklahoma Shingle Roof

Relief from winter weather draws closer with each turn of the calendar page. Have you made your spring-cleaning list yet? One task that should make the top of your spring-cleaning list is checking the top of your home. Help your shingle roof recover from winter weather and get it ready for spring with this list [...]

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Best Qualities of a Reliable Roofing Contractor

  Scientific studies and medical test results are “reliable” when, in the words of Merriam Webster, they are “giving the same result on successive trials.” A reliable roofing contractor can also be defined by that standard. Every project, every repair, is produced with the same high quality and to the customer’s satisfaction. As much as [...]

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3 Actions You Can Take to Find a Reliable Roofing Contractor

Your search for a reliable roofing contractor can take you to the state licensing board, to neighbors’ homes, and to offices of major roofers in the Tulsa area. You know you want a reliable roofing contractor; how do you go about finding one? […]

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Is Your Commercial Roofer Reliable?

What do you expect from your employees? Consistently good performance; trustworthy work. Those are the definitions of “reliable,” and you should expect them not only of your own company’s workers but of the third-party vendors you invite to your corporate site. Your commercial roofer, for example, should be a reliable roofing contractor in whose hands [...]

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