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Everything You Need to Know to Avoid Roof Leaks Forever

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How to avoid roof leaks

Here in northeast Oklahoma, a roof is always vulnerable to leaks from storm damage. Beyond severe weather, normal wear and tear and a lack of care can also let water into your roof system, where it can cause decking and interior damage and create a hospitable environment for mold growth. Here are some tips on how to avoid the stress and inconvenience of dealing with roof leaks.

Check for Roof Issues Periodically

Checking the condition of your roof every couple of months can help catch developing issues before serious leaks occur. Start in the attic by scanning the underside of the roof decking for signs of dripping water or staining. Then, look for evidence of moisture or mold on the attic floor insulation. Next, go outdoors and examine the ground around the house perimeter for piles of shingle granules, and look up on the roof for broken or damaged shingles, bare patches of substrate, or damaged/missing flashing around the roof edge, chimney, vent stacks and in the valleys.

Have the Roof Professionally Inspected

The extreme weather we experience in the Tulsa area can take a toll on a roof over time, so having yours thoroughly inspected by a licensed local roofing contractor every year is a proactive way to prevent leaks from occurring. An experienced roofer can find any developing problems that need attention, and provide you with advice on how to keep your roof in the best possible condition.

Keep the Gutter System in Good Repair

You can help prevent roof damage and interior leaks by cleaning out the gutters and downspouts regularly. Make sure the gutter sections are attached to the fascia securely, and that water is draining away freely as well. If the gutters aren’t in good shape, ice dams can form and allow water to back up underneath the shingles, which can cause decking decay and water leaks into your attic and/or exterior walls.

Trim Back Overhanging Trees

Tall trees situated close to your home should be trimmed back as needed so that branches don’t overhang the roof. Leaving a 10-foot clearance can lower the risk of falling limbs damaging the roof during a storm, lessen accumulations of leaves and pine needles and help keep gnawing rodents like chipmunks and squirrels off the roof.

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